Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scouring the Streets

Ever since I was a little kid I've loved poking through other people's things.  That nosy little kid grew into an estate/garage sale junkie.  It's rare that I will actually buy anything but every now and then I find something I can't pass up.  Hence the bargain of the century painting we have had leaning against the wall in our bedroom for the past 4 months.  We don't have the wall space for it in our little condo but once we get a house that baby is gold! 

So what I am getting at is this whole estate sale crazy has sparked my interest in opening a vintage jewelry / bag shop.  Mind you, I am extremely picky so if I am not absolutely in love with something it isn't going in my shop.  So this will probably take a while but as I am estate sailing this summer I am going to be scouring the streets for the once in a lifetime finds.  Once I build up a decent inventory I will open up shop.  So for now, it's all handmade for me but be on the lookout for my newest endeavor!

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